Taylor and Justine

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wake up and start your day with the thought of knowing you’re loved? That you are no longer alone and someone will always be there for you, from the little ways to the biggest occasions in your life? Love shows up in funny, unexpected ways. It washes over you and controls you. You start seeing things through these “love” goggles and sometimes you don’t recognize who you are anymore. And when it’s the right person, you embrace that change.  Continue reading

Brett & Kami

When I first met Kami, I asked her a few questions about her and Brett. It was pretty quick to see that he made her happy and made her feel so loved. She told me about allllllll the flowers Brett had given her throughout their relationship. How she had saved a lot of them and they were starting to take over one of her rooms. These two were a bit shy in front of the camera, but they seemed to power through my pose suggestions, relying on one another for comfort. I think a lot of these show their happiness.

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