Bradbury family 

Laura was referred by another client of mine (the Menke session recently on the blog), and we began chatting via email. We set a time and a location: their farm. I’ll call it a farm because they have chickens and it’s only a matter of time until they add a variety of other animals.  🙂

For those who know me, my maiden name is Bradbury. I had seen Laura’s last name on her emails, but didn’t think to ask any further about it. Will and I arrived for their session, walked their property, and chose where we would start. After a few minutes, we began heading in the direction of the second spot to shoot and I just blurted out, “Hey, I think we’re related.”

Turns out Josh is my second cousin!!! What a small world! We had never met, or knew the other existed, and we shopped at the same stores and drove the same roads! It was such a cool experience to find family in a unique situation!

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