Michigan birthday trip

In July, we planned this trip around Will’s birthday weekend. I really wanted to drive up to Michigan, explore and camp. I’ll admit the drive there was a heck of a lot longer than the drive back home. The construction didn’t help at all. We camped outside of Ludington, MI.

We signed another year lease for our apartment, which tabled the idea of buying for right now. Instead, we have planned a few little trips here and there. I am totally fine with this arrangement, but it took awhile to come to that conclusion. When you are the person in the relationship who handles the money and has a giant love of exploring, vacations are a battle of accepting.  I have admitted before that I am a dreamer…head-in-the-cloud person, but I am also super sensible. Yes, people can be both. It’s an ongoing battle I face allll the time: Buy/don’t buy, go/don’t go.

God bless Will for my imagination. When a town calls my name, I start googling homes, jobs, etc. I even promised myself I would hold off on all of that for the time being… but on this trip he had to go and ask me, “So what are your thoughts here in Ludington?” **Cue internal fight within in myself. Do I spill my guts and admit I loved it, or play it cool and keep calm? I maintained a mature response (HA!), but probably took too long to answer (remember, I was arguing myself in my head). I played it cool 😉 I didn’t use google that day while also admitting I loved it.

Was that anticlimactic? lol. Being able to hold off on googling where our future kids could grow up is a BIG DEAL for me. Accepting that I don’t have to pack an imaginary bag because I love “mentality moving”, I gave Will a chance to enjoy his birthday weekend. I gave him the space he’s needed for a while now to just rest. I love this guy and all he brings to this relationship.


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