Austin, TX

The day we scheduled for Austin, it rained. BOOOO! I had a lot of walking planned on this day so we had to ditch a lot of destinations.

We did, however, manage to get into Mayfield Park and spot a few peacocks. We also hiked up a ways to find a cool spot that overlooked Austin. We then made it to HOPE Outdoor Gallery, which is pretty neat. You can tag a wall yourself and scope out the other art people have left. Right after that, we found our way to South Congress St in Austin. We grabbed a bite to eat and shopped in the historic area.

We did visit San Antonio the next day, but the only photos I took were on my phone. I’ve been trying to live in the moment and experience life as it unfolds. You can check out my Instagram for other photos. 🙂 Will led me around town to The Alamo and the River-Walk ending our day at The Mission San Jose.

This was my first time visiting Texas, and I loved it there. We did visit in March, so we bypassed the heat 😉 I hope to make another visit there soon.


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