Waco, TX

Like I mentioned before, we had a lot to see on our quick 4-day vacation and made our way through Dallas, Waco, Austin, and San Antonio. It was decent weather for the most part, and I’ll go on record and admit, I could see myself living down south again.

Every town I pass through I put in a category; Could live here or Nope! I jump on the Realtor app and see what the prices of homes are. I look up population size and see how far away the closest big city is. I initially bookmark locations as I explore from town to town and daydream when I return back home. In my mind, I’ve packed and moved about 100 times to Waco. I send Will job postings, houses that are “so cute”, and even the cost of airfare to pop down there again. I know! I have an insane amount of head-in-cloud syndrome!


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