I have had the opportunity to zip off to a few locations here and there recently, and with me, I have brought along Savannah and Dakota. I don’t hear any complaints on their end. : ) We spent the day at Galena, IL. We browsed the stores (which Dakota said looked like something out of Hollywood), walked along the sidewalks in this quaint town, and all of us were taking in the surroundings.

We parked, I loaded the stroller with all the essentials and of course my camera was handy. I got a few shots of our time spent in Galena. I think Savannah was starting to get fed up with all the stops I was making as I would bend down to snap a picture, or tell her to wait a sec to get the lighting just right on something. LOL She eventually told me, with hands on her hips, “Come on, I don’t want to wait anymore.” I have loved this summer and all the adventures, and am looking forward to many more.

If traveling were free, you would never see me again.

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