Bradley & Andrea

Introducing this lovely couple to the blog, meet Bradley and Andrea, aka Mr & future Mrs Nave. : )

When you meet someone and they bring out a side of you that you didn’t know existed, it sparks a journey of falling in love.

I asked a few questions from these two, and as their wedding day approaches I’m sure they have memories flooding over them as why they choose to say, “I do.”

“What would you consider your first date?”

Bradley: It was at a Vacation Bible School thing and they spent the rest of the night texting. He threw in, “We were REALLY young.”

Andrea: She had a chorus thing at Barnes and Noble during the holiday time and he stopped by to give her a ride to go to dinner at Carlos O Kelly’s. She said she was super nervous about their date, but remembers him tripping on the curb. : ) lol

“What is one thing you love about her/him that he/she does?”

Bradley: She tries to wink at him even though she can’t.

Andrea: She loves when they’re in the car and he sings at the top of his lungs, or when they try their hand at rapping. She loves when she’s having an off day, and he always knows how to make it a little bit better by making her smile. And, in those silent moments, he holds her hand. He adores her so much that he enjoys doing the things she likes doing.

As time goes on, like their responses, they’ll have different take-a-way’s from special events, likes/dislikes, and things that each one will feel is important to them. However, that means they are building stories to laugh about later, and reminisce about. I am very honored to take part in their special day in October. Congratulations on the new title. You’re rockin’ as fiancés. ; )

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