Allerton Park: part 3

I drove us all to the park where we spent hours walking around and exploring. We were all seeing this place together for the first time, and it was fun to watch these two run around and climb through stuff. While there, a cell phone wasn’t  attached to their hand, nor were they walking around complaining they were bored, tired or hungry… and we all listened to Amanda. ; )

I spent a total of $20 that day. The whole day cost me less than a fancy dinner, a day shopping, movie tickets, and the list goes on… I have these memories now: Dakota laughing, Savannah and I playing “Marco?” “Polo!” in the trees, or us all getting to talk about random things. I won’t look back on my summer and remember the time I bought XYZ, but all the chances I got to spend with my family.

I have lost many things in my life. But one of them will not be my family. Among the priceless things I can acquire, their love is what means the most.

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